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We provide remoteness support services for those who have program errors or need help installing them.

Click 'PC Remote A/S Connection' or 'PC remoteness support Program Download' on the homepage to execute or download the remote access program required for remote support service, after talking to our counselor.

After executing the remote access program, please inform the remote agent of the numbers in 'ID' and 'Password' boxes, and the remoteness support service will be started from the center to your computer.

remoteness A/S support

remoteness support services are provided through the Team Viewer program.
Team Viewer is a service that allows you to quickly and accurately solve any problems or inquiries that occur while you are using the PC.
With the customer's consent, the counselor can access your PC remotely and resolve the problem in real time from your remote PC.



Confirmation of Assenting Statement


Click Remote Assistance


Downloading Executing Execution Files


Passing Numbers to Agents


Start remoteness support

Assenting Statement

When you use 'TeamViewer', you have to install the remoteness support program on your PC and the consultant can remotely control your PC to solve your inquiries.

Download executable file Download installation files

※ With download executable file, remoteness support is possible without installation. Installation files download remoteness support program on user's computer.
Select only one, download it and run it.